Our Services

Technology continues to make advancements towards smarter solutions, augmented reality, and virtual reality and so do we. Leapon is a custom IT firm that carries out proficiency in various technologies.

Our experts create a unique solution woven around your business technology preferences and expectations.


Buying an IT equipment and Technology is not an end. Technology changes rapidly and there are regular updates both in software as well as hardware. Hence to keep a product up and running, it is critical to maintain the product and revamp it to accommodate the changes.

At Leapon, our team of skilled engineers are trained to deal with complexities and yet deliver results. Our years of experience enables us to comprehend and forecast the future trends hence we not only develop customized dynamic solutions but also help in maintaining them.


The 4IR has changed the way businesses operate and enterprises today need to be highly dynamic and adaptive to change to be competitive. With change however, comes new risks.

At Leapon, we help you stay on top and ahead these risks effectively through our Dynamic Cybersecurity model. Our Cybersecurity Services help organizations re-think, re-imagine, and re-engineer enterprise security for a dynamic business.

The focus on four key pillars which includes people, process, technology and culture allows us to stay on top of changing cyber-threats. This provides our customers with a better chance to be proactively prepared to detect/identify and minimize losses, in case of a potential cyber-attack.


Leapon has a team of specialist IT procurement expertise to handle your hardware, software and licensing requirements, across a multitude of vendors.

When you buy IT equipment or software licenses as part of a service agreement, you won’t need to worry about specifications, compatibility or whether it will cause ongoing problems. Your Technical Account Manager and our procurement experts will take care of all that for you.


We are professionals at delivering Infrastructure Projects which are optimized to your requirements.  You can be assured that Leapon’s technical solutions are designed for maximum reliability and end-user satisfaction, with minimal calls to the help desk afterward!

Our professional services expertise spans the complete spectrum of infrastructure, from the datacentre to desktop to licensing. Which allows us to take a “big picture” approach when determining what needs to be fixed.


We take a consultative approach to solution design. We start by describing the outcome you’re looking for and working backward to determine the technology required to get there. We usually write a user acceptance test plan (UAT) early in the process, as this is a great tool for allowing customers to visualise and control the end result.