Get the IT support that you need from a company that prioritises you and your business

We understand how time-consuming running a business can be. That’s why we think it’s important to be able to rely on an IT services company that has the knowledge, expertise and accountability to advise you on the best IT solutions for you.

With advances in technology, it’s imperative not only to stay ahead of the curve, but to make sure that you are properly leveraging technology, in a way that assists your business grow and thrive.

IT Support Desk

To provide the best results you need the best systems. Our team has the leading remote and Service Desk software available on the market.

All of our technical staff have experience in remote and face-to-face on-site client service. We rotate our technicians into customer-facing onsite positions to better understand and respond to the real world needs of end users.

Leapon IT specializes at the following major segments:

  • Computer rentals

Computer rentals have been the most coveted segment at Leapon Information Technologies, as we are completely involved in the repair and maintenance of almost all the gadgets such as laptops, Macbooks, iPads and other hardware peripherals at an affordable price for the customers.

The computer Maintenance are very well suitable to any business


We offer a wide variety of services which include the following segments

Network and its subsequent solutions

  • Network Cabling
  • Fiber optic cabling
  • Structured cabling and solutions

 Panasonic ePABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange-Telephone systems)

 We at LEAPON IT, have consistently evolved in the communication space and have progressed ourselves as a market leader towards the PABX systems, and have brought about 51 different PABX products at our diisposal.

We offer the Panasonic PABX systems in both the categories:

  • Analogue PABX or the traditional PBX

Analog PBX (Private Branch Exchange) sometimes referred to as traditional telephonic systems. These analog series of telephone systems seamlessly connect across various internal departments together, essentially for voice communication systems. These various internal departments are connected to one central control panel, which further enables to have the external communications (outside the premises)

  • Digital mode of PABX systems which integrate IP enabled amalgamation of voice and data

The digital mode of PABX systems and the telephone systems integrate the IP (Internet Protocol) systems which could accommodate the complete convergence of voice and data into proper alignment. Above this, the entire system comes with the best features of full-color LCD, caller ID and surplus of multiple ringtones.

Biometric Access control

The biometric access control system has been a type of control system which predominantly incorporates the authentication to authorized access in an enterprise and organization.

Some of the components that Biometric can integrate are as follows:

  • Biometric based time authentication through finger impressions and retina scanning
  • User-friendly time attendance management for HR executives.
  • Monitor the anomalies in the employee’s overall absence

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):

Annual Maintenance has been the most pivotal parameter for most of the enterprises to have seamless operational excellence, We at LEAPON provide AMC support to the entire systems, peripherals, client-server specifically in the networked environment. We ensure to provide premium services to our customers through Annual Maintenance Contract for a prolonged period of time.

  •  Repair & Services

 We at LEAPON IT, undertake the repairs and services in the following three segments viz.

Hardware complications connected with laptops, MacBook, iPads with reference to the following:

  • No power
  • No display
  • BGA fixing issue (Ball Grid Array)
  • Junk display
  • Keyboard
  • Broken Screen
  • not working
  • Screen flickering

  Restoration for the following peripheral components:

  • Hinges broken
  • Base damage
  • Screen panel damage
  • Water split
  • Lines on screen
  • Over heating
  • Battery not charging
  • Screen cable issue
  • Cooling fan issues
  • Hanging problems
  • HDD issue
  • BIOS (basic input-output system) issue.
  • DC jack issue
  • Power button issue
  • Auto power off
  • USB not recognizing
  • LAN port not working
  • Wi-Fi issues
  • Touch screen issue 

Services for the gadgets includes the following: 

  • General servicing
  • Data recovery
  • OS installation
  • OS recovery

Replacement of the following with the original OEM spare components

  • Motherboard replacement
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Cooling fan replacement
  • Screen replacement
  • Base replacement
  • Touchpad replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) replacement
  • Speaker replacement
  • RAM replacement
  • DVD drive replacement
  • Adopters

We have been the technological service provider for decades and we have been able to render premium technical support to our clients persistently. In this journey, we have been able to completely focus our attention on retaining our customer’s delight by providing high-end services.

The customers are assured glitch free network/infrastructure/technically with our seamless operations whenever needed.

Towards the end, we have a comprehensive list of service offerings to our clients, as we are the trusted partners to some of the major brands such as HP, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, LG, Apple, Logitech, D-Link and many others. Apart from that we do engage with the local distribution channels who could provide the technological solutions to the customers at an affordable price range.

Audio Visual Solutions