Computer and IT Support Services

In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, change is the only constant. As a business owner or manager you want to be able to predict and budget your IT costs.

With our Alliance Managed IT Services package you’ll be able to get full, unlimited support at a fixed price, PLUS peace of mind that we’ve got all your IT needs under control.

Security breaches, hardware failures, or trouble accessing the cloud? We’ve got it all covered!

Data Recovery

Data Recovery is a key aspect of focus in our company’s growing portfolio. We can salvage data from corrupt hard drives, Solid State Drive and other storage devices. Our data certainly is a crucial asset for your business and success

Consulting Services

Leapon IT has provided consulting services to some of the finest establishments in the Country.

24X7 Customer Support

Customer service with diligence is our speciality, our focus is to retain customers by offering high end services.

Diagnostic & Troubleshooting
 Technicians and service engineers at Leapon IT are trained, certified and experienced.

Biometric Services

Access control systems give you the power to regulate and control entry into your property/workplace. This system will digitise the entry and exit points

Cyber Security Services

Advancement in technology has exponentially made many IT establishments vulnerable to security threats such as Malware infections, phishing attacks, web application attacks etc.

CCTV-DVR Services

Secure your home or business by installing a CCTV camera. It is as good as employing a security firm to safeguard your property.

Business Telephone-PABX

Reflecting on Panasonic’s 20 years as a leader in the field, PABX systems come with superior digital phone quality, secure connecting and longer outreach